first semester of college

I feel like every college blogger is required to post about their first semester of college or else they're not a college blogger (totally kidding but I've seen so many of these posts and I want to join in on the fun!) I just completed my first semester of college, and I am so sad to see it go but also so excited for the next 7 semesters. These last four months were hands down some of the most incredible months of my life, and I would not trade them for anything. I am 100% certain that Furman is the place for me and that I have found my home in this beautiful place and the wonderful people here. 

// classes //

I ended with exemplary grades this semester, which is something I am so proud of. This semester I took French 201, Biology 111, Bible & Ultimate Meaning, and a freshman year writing class on Psychological Disorders in the Social Order. Some classes I definitely enjoyed more than others, but I am thankful that my semester went so well. It has definitely set the bar high for the rest of my college experience, but it feels great to be off to a great start. College classes haven't been too different from high school classes just because I do go to such a small school, but the rigor is definitely harder at college (but that's expected). I definitely spend a good portion of my time in the library, but I will sometimes study with friends to make the time more bearable! 

// the adjustment //

I was so worried about my adjustment to college life. Would I like it?? Would I find friends?? Can I live in a small dorm room with another person?? Would I get homesick?? And the answer to all those questions is yes (except the last one)!! It definitely takes about a month to get in the groove at school- you are living at school, unlike at home where you can come home from school and separate those aspects of your life. It's weird to think that on a Thursday night my next door neighbor might be pre-gaming for a party and I'm studying for a quiz and heading to bed. This adjustment is definitely a culture shock (and my friends can attest to that!), but it's totally normal and something that you'll learn to live with. College life is amazing and I love having my independence and my own "space" in the world. I feel completely at home here (more so than at my regular home!). I also get asked if I get homesick, which I haven't really but I do miss being with my family. I also miss my cats, but I fix that by volunteering at the animal shelter each week. There are things you will miss at college, but there are also things that are a million times better at college, so everything balances out. I make sure to Facetime my family members at least once a week, but I have found another "family" at Furman which has helped the adjustment go much more smoothly. I wouldn't have it any differently!

// friends //

I have made the most incredible friends at Furman. I've found my "squad" and I've also grown closer to people outside my squad as well. These friends bring out the best aspects of myself and I am so thankful that I have found them along the way. I feel so at home with them and I miss them whenever I go back home (I honestly dread going back home because I miss them so much, but Facetime can fix that!!). I have so many inside jokes with my friends (numerous references to vine, the most perfectly timed live Insta video ever, uh-buh, preppy and popular **insert hair flip emoji here** and so many more). I love scrolling through saved videos on snapchat and reminiscing on all these amazing memories. I am so excited to share more!!  I love being able to walk down the hall and run into my best friends. They are always around and it makes college life a million times better. 

// social // 

I can truthfully tell you all that I've been to two frat parties, definitely not by thing but at least I tried the "college experience" (I'm not a partier- I prefer hanging out with friends!), spent days in the library, tailgating at parties, etc. I have participated in Furman traditions- Thanksgiving dinner, Finals Week Study Day breakfast, Homecoming, and more. I love my school and the people here make it so amazing too. I love being around my friends 24/7 - thanks to Ashley for the shower parties and roomie for putting up with my craziness. I like going to dinner with one person one night and 10 people the next. I love having friends around all the time- something that wasn't really possible back home. 

// roommate //

I absolutely love my roommate, and we have become such close friends. At first I was apprehensive about having a roommate, and I'm not going to lie that during the first couple of weeks of school it was hard for me to adjust living with an almost stranger and being able to talk about living together, but we actually live so well together and "get" each other. We love decorating the room together, ranting right before going to bed, watching Riverdale at the same time, and so much more. We have such a good time and I'm so thankful it has worked out that way. Our room is definitely a hang-spot and I am so glad we share the same friends. We hope to room together next year! 

// clubs //

This semester I joined club swimming and Furman Futures (an admissions organization where I host prospective student lunches and overnights!). I've dappled in a couple other clubs, but next semester I am rushing a sorority and over the summer I will be on orientation staff! Even though I haven't joined that many clubs, I am hoping to find depth in these organizations as my time continues at Furman.

// major //

I am still planning on declaring my psych major next semester, but I am also highly considering double majoring in French. I talked to my high school French teacher today and she believes I am just on the cusp of becoming "fluent" in the language. I want to expand my French knowledge and maybe even study abroad in a French speaking country in the future. I'll update you all once I start declaring my major, but double majoring might be in the plan for me. 

// personal improvements //

I went into college having anxiety issues that I'd been treating for several years. Once I got settled into college, my anxiety has completely gone away. I have never felt more relaxed and more "me". I feel comfortable in my personality and I've really let myself shine for my friends. I am referred to as the funny friend at school, which I never was referred to in high school. I feel like I have improved so much as an individual and I am proud of the way I deal with stressors, issues, and rough patches in my life. 

I can honestly say that college has been the best time of my life, and I hope that this upwards rollercoaster keeps going up. I'm so excited for second semester- new classes (my first psych class woo woo!), rushing a sorority, and more fun with friends. It's crazy to think I am 1/8 of the way done with this chapter of my life. I know there will definitely be rough patches along the way, but I am so incredibly ready to to continue this amazing journey at Furman.

As always,


  1. I loved this catch-up. You should do these more often than once a semester. Have you heard of Prep In Your Step? Dorothy graduated from Furman.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! I planned on doing weekly or monthly lifestlyle wrap ups in the past but never got around to them- I'll definitely try to do them more often! And yes I met Dorothy a couple months ago- her blog is a big inspiration to me!

  2. Glad to hear your semester went well! You should definitely consider a second major in French; I had a similar chat with a French professor who encouraged me to tack it on as a second major (my primary major being accounting), and I love it! Having a second humanities-based major can help keep you balanced and open up so many opportunities.
    - Alex // The Preppy Bean Counter

  3. I love this post!!!! It's so awesome to see how other people experience college and what they're thoughts are. Also, congratulations on being part of the orientation staff! I was an orientation leader this past summer and honestly it was my favorite part of the entire year! Please do a post on this!
    Congrats on finishing your first semester!

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