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I'm super excited because we are officially in the Christmas season! I am one of those people who likes to celebrate Thanksgiving and then start the season (however I'll admit I did listen to some Christmas music before Turkey Day). I've also been sipping on holiday cheer with my favorite Starbucks drink, the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (but maybe I'll get the mocha while studying for finals!). I now have the Christmas tree and decor up in the dorm, and I'm ready to bring out my winter and Christmas-y clothes. 

In shopping for clothes for the upcoming season, I have frequently spotted mixed media sweaters, such as this one from Shein. These tops consist of a sweater or tweed like material at the top (or sometimes just a soft t-shirt material) and then a separate fabric at the bottom, usually in a colorblock or pattern. These are perfect for the holiday season as you can find these tops in plaid, bedazzled, and more. 

Since the top is the main part of the outfit (and it's a bit oversized), I stuck to my pixie pants and riding boots (a reoccurring theme on the blog as I'm aware!) For a dressier look this holiday season, I would add a pair of heels. 

For several months I've been obsessed with the baublebar drop earrings. I've had my eye on the Target Baublebar Sugarfix collection, and this weekend I picked a pair of these up while at Target restocking some items for the dorm. Because of the high-collar of the top, I think the perfect accessory is statement earrings. I could even envision pearl drop earrings for a more classic look. 

top // earrings // pants // riding boots (similar) 

Did you all shop till you dropped this weekend? I bought a couple items on Black Friday and took a trip (or two) to Target, but I have barely made a dent in holiday shopping. I usually buy things for myself on Black Friday (oops!!!). 

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  1. wow these pictures are of so high quality and i love each and every bit of your outfit and all the thing just go perfectly but i personally have never tried the mix type sweater because of my alergies but on the whole a remarkable post.