christmas gifts for your besties

I know that most of you probably hit the Black Friday sales like I did, searching for the perfect gifts for all your friends. I have always loved getting my friends presents because I love the process of picking out something perfect or unique to them. I also love wrapping the presents as well (which is one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season!). While every bestie is different, I wanted to include a general bestie gift guide, as these are things I know that I, as well as my friends, would love. I've even added a few of these items to my personal wishlist. Happy shopping!

volcano candle- ok so I know this is very basic, but almost every friend of mine is obsessed with the volcano candle, and isn't it even cuter in pink?? 

facemask- any college student knows the necessity of facemasks. I think that any skincare item makes the perfect gift because it is something that can be used again and again and something a girl loves. You could even make a gift basket with several spa items!

planner- with various price ranges, planners make a great gift for anyone, especially with 2018 just around the corner

kendra scott earrings- i'm obsessed with kendra scott and so is about half the girls i know, so i'm sure someone in your friend group would love another pair of earrings (or necklace- those are popular too!) to her collection 

beanie- super cute and needed for chilly winter days, need i say more?

confetti water bottle- i've had my eye on one of these for so long! I think they make the perfect gift 

bow gloves- definitely on my list this Christmas. Anything Kate Spade wins in my book

drybar gift set- I am a sucker for gift sets, especially when they are from my favorite brands. Share your favorite brands with your friends with a gift set! One of my faves is Drybar (I'm hooked! If anyone is unsure of what to get me, just buy a bunch of Drybar stuff) 

phone case- also another great option! and it's kate spade so...

blanket scarf- i've given many blanket scarfs to friends and family in the past. they are just such a classic gift that your friends will love

sock set- everyone loves socks, especially in sets! These are a classic cute pair perfect to add to any gift!

ornament- i've always loved the idea of giving friends ornaments so they will think of you when it's on their tree! this would be perfect for any girl about to move into her first apartment or house!

monogrammed tote- all my friends would love a monogrammed gift, and this is one of my favorite options from Marley Lilly

umbrella- once again, this is Kate Spade. college girls are always in need of umbrellas (gotta add to the collection am i right?) 

map print- this is one of my favorite ideas. Evelyn Henson has an array of map prints for just about any town or city you can think of. I think these would be perfect for giving your college girlfriends to remind them of their hometown! Anything from Evelyn Henson is also perfect

travel bag set- last but not least, i think this gift set is perfect for the traveling girl. I personally love this brand of travel bags and got a couple over the summer. 

Happy shopping! 

As always,


  1. I had a volcano candle on my holiday wishlist. Daily Designer's are seriously the best planners ever. I use the school year version, so I'm not due for a new one yet.

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