bow back top

The weather has still not completely cooled down in the South, but I am ever so hopeful that fall weather will arrive quickly. I am ready to pull out my riding boots and sweaters, but it is just too hot to justify bringing those classic pieces out. However, in today's outfit I felt I needed to show you all a way to wear your beloved riding boots without overheating. That outfit comes in the form of a super-chic ensemble with pieces you probably already own. I even included an adorable bow-back top which is a must have this season.

Hope you all enjoy!

Huge thank you to my friend Abby Grace for letting me borrow her Longchamp! I knew this outfit needed a pop of color and her purse came in handy when we were shooting this look. 

I hope you all didn't mind the length of this post! With college in full swing, it's sometimes difficult to formulate an entire blog post for an outfit without it sounding repetitive or redundant. But I want to be sure to include the most important part of the post- the outfit photos. If you all have any suggestions for commentary for my blog posts, I would sincerely appreciate it! 

As always,

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