what i purchased from the lilly after party sale

Hello everyone! As I am sure all of you know, the Lilly after party sale is in full swing. I thought I would hop on here tonight for a surprise post showing you my purchases from the sale. I didn't go crazy like some people, but I did manage to get something I have been dying to buy for quite some time. I shopped in-stores which was so fun as I ran into two other bloggers and saw so many people from my college at the store. So to continue the fun, here are my purchases! I also wanted to include a skort on sale that I think you need to get- it's just the cutest!

I have seen this dress on so many bloggers so it was at the top of my list this sale. I saw it in a size below mine so I tried it on anyways- and it fit perfectly! Since it's getting chillier in the south I think I will just wear the skirt with a button up or blouse, but I am so excited for when I can wear the set in the summer time. This is one of my all-time fave Lilly patterns, so I was ecstatic when I finally laid my hands on this item. 

My friend and I both got this lovely dress perfect for rush events. I loved the color and I have always wanted a classic Lilly shift but I never justified the price. This is definitely one of those items you need in your closet and the price is unbeatable. 

I already own this skort and I absolutely love it. The colors are stunning in the pattern and the scallop detail is just perfect. Definitely check this one out if you are looking for another Lilly addition to your closet. 

This dress wasn't in the sale, but it was too pretty not to pass up once I tried it on. I love the colors on the dress and the silhouette is so flattering. I am so glad I splurged on this because it is just the perfect dress. 

So I know some of you know that I used to not be the biggest fan of Lilly. I am still not as obsessed with it as other people are, but the fun colors and patterns have grown on me. I tend to lean towards the more muted patterns and shapes, but I do love adding those pops of colors in my wardrobe. This sale has rekindled my love for Lilly! If you bought anything from the sale, leave me a comment down below!

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  1. Girl that's first dress is beautiful! I'm not usually a HUGE fan of Lilly's dresses, not sure why, but love that one!

    xx Jocelyn // lifeinaleotard.com

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