seersucker top

This is probably cliche, but I cannot believe we are already in the middle of August. I have already moved into my freshman dorm and my classes started this morning Even though my life has completely changed, the weather doesn't seem to be changing whatsoever. I love summer, but I'm already ready for the temps to cool off a bit. This brings me to today's post- a seersucker top! I love wearing quarter-sleeve tops during August and September because the AC in buildings are absolutely freezing but as soon as you step outside a wave of humidity and heat hits (at least that's how it is in the South!) So, I like to balance that weather and air conditioning out with a quarter-sleeve top and shorts. Here is my rendition of a typical outfit with this adorable seersucker top.

Color block anyone? I think this counts as color blocking. It's almost like a gradient from white to seersucker blue to navy. Love it! 

I purchased this top in Australia back in June. Apparently this style was very in at the store I browsed because it came in a variety of patterns and colors! I couldn't find this exact top online, but I listed a couple options below. 

I hope you all enjoyed this short and sweet blog post! I am so excited for the next chapter in my life happening so soon! I cannot wait to share with you all my dorm, my new life, and more! In the mean time, I have several posts scheduled so that I can adjust to college life. Let me know what posts you would like to see once I get in the swing of things at school. 

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