cotton candy tones

A pop of pink, in my opinion, gets you far in life. One of my "signatures" is even wearing pink lipstick. So when I saw these shorts, I knew I had to buy them immediately. I literally have never bought anything so quickly online- usually I have 5 tabs open with shopping carts full of clothing items I am just dying to buy, but I don't always purchase. With these I just had to buy them. And I am so glad I did. I have worn them so many times since purchasing and every time I wear them I receive so many compliments. These are the "it" shorts for me this summer for sure. And not to mention that this shirt and short combination resembles pink and blue cotton candy- yum! Continue reading to see how I styled them!

I love the versatility of these shorts. I can wear converse and a striped tee (like in this look) or a ruffled blouse and Jacks. Any combination will have you looking preppy and sophisticated. Add pastel tones for that cotton candy vibe I'm going for. 

With a pair of shorts like these, you don't need a crazy amount of accessories. I just added pearl earrings (my usual), my Kate Spade watch, and a swipe of light pink lipstick. 

Now for linking all the items. Long story short, it takes a lot of work to get photos up for a blog. My amazing photographer and friend is currently on vacation and without internet, so it took a while to get the photos up. These shorts were so fabulous that they sold out fairly quickly! But I linked them below just in case J.Crew decides to restock them. Definitely check out your J.Crew store because sometimes they have items that are sold out online still in stores. And for the tee- this is old J.Crew (I bought it at a consignment shop). Sometimes you got to make do with stuff you have before buying new clothes, but I am sure any striped tee will do for this outfit!

shorts (almost sold out- I'm sorry!!)
photography: Sydney Renee

Say "hello" to these "gorgeous" shorts (get the reference??) by clicking the link above. I hope you enjoyed my take on these super popular shorts that seem to be flying off of the racks at J.Crew. And treat yourself to some cotton candy ice cream later on while we are on the topic of cotton candy! Thanks for reading!

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