tassels and seersucker

preppy outfit with seersucker and pink

Prior to this year, I never would have imagined an outfit with tassels and seersucker. I used to think tassels belonged on the end of a throw blanket or tapestry, but the blogging world has completely changed my mind. So many of my outfits now revolve around tassel earrings or a tassel necklace, and I am so glad for that! I am so obsessed with tassels, in fact, that I tried to make my own a couple weeks ago after reading Dorothy from Prep in Your Step's layered tassel earring post. Mine definitely weren't as pretty as hers, but I still enjoyed making my own pink ombre tassel earrings! And I wanted to showcase them in a summery way, so cue the Lauren James seersucker shorts and Jack Rogers. Without the earrings, this outfit is a typical preppy summer outfit. But adding the tassels, the outfit is now a trendy look with lots of color. Now I'll stop rambling about these tassels- enjoy!

super easy homemade tassel earrings

These earrings were so easy to make! I bet they would look better if I was a bit craftier, but for someone who hates doing arts and crafts, I think I did a great job. All the credit goes to Dorothy from Prep In Your Step on these, like I linked in the intro. I think these would be great to make for school colors (maybe I should make some purple ombre ones now??)

thick long wavy hair

preppy summer outfit with jack rogers tassel earrings and seersucker

I think all LJ seersucker shorts look best paired with classic Jack Rogers and a white shirt. I chose a white button up, but of course in those super hot and humid days of summer a plain white tee or blouse would work better!

lauren james seersucker shorts

These shorts are just the cutest. Lauren James creates the most perfect articles of clothing for a girl who loves the Southern classic style. I love the blue seersucker pattern because it radiates summer- just imagine sipping lemonade while wearing these seersucker shorts or a lovely seersucker dress!

earrings // shorts // shirt // shoes 
photography: Sydney Renee

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed. If you make your own tassel earrings, send me a pic on instagram or comment below! I'll feature you on my instagram story if you send me a pic wearing them! 

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