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Hey y'all! Can you believe it's already April? Where has 2017 gone! I for one am truly thrilled it's April because next month I graduate from high school. May and June is such an amazing time for many young people because of graduation. Whether it be high school or college graduation, every graduate deserves special gifts for their hard work and achievement. I have compiled a list of both buyable and make-able gifts for grads. I hope this can inspire your grad wishlist or something to give to a a daughter, friend, sister, the list goes on!

As a graduate moves into the next chapter of their life, I think they deserve a higher-level planner. This is on my grad wishlist, especially because college schedules are a lot different from high school. I would love to receive one of the Day Designer planners because they are high quality, customizable, and absolutely adorable! Customize your gift by adding in some fancy pens or planner stickers to the recipient!

Graduation is a milestone, so gifting an authentic pearl necklace is a great way to say congratulations and show you care. I love these KJP pearl necklaces because the bow is precious. It adds the preppiest detail and is so classic. Perfect gift for bestfriends- get a matching one for you and a friend!

Similar to my argument for the planner, stepping up to a higher quality watch is a great gift for a grad. These are expensive and definitely a pain to buy, so gifting one of these to a future college student really helps them out! Every time the wearer looks down at the watch, they will remember you gave them this watch for the next big step in their life. How fantastic is that?

Do you notice a theme here? Giving nicer versions of items as a grad goes into the next step of their life. Perfume is a great example of this type of gift because graduates can shift their fragrance to a more sophisticated fragrance as they step into college or the real world. Perfume is also incredibly personal, so every time the recipient wears the perfume, they will remember you gave it to them! Perfume scents can be tricky, so try to snoop around on the grad's Pinterest or go shopping with them at Sephora one day. See what is on their wishlist and get something they actually want. I love this scent from Tocca because it is feminine and sophisticated but also has a fun floral nature to it.

Before every high schooler had a laptop, grads would usually receive a laptop as their grad gift. Now that laptops are almost in every high schooler's hand, giving a high quality laptop bag that is professional is a perfect gift. These can function as briefcases as well because of the straps. Kate Spade has a great selection of these so I highly recommend checking them out too!

Another item on my personal wishlist, personalized stationary is so special and perfect for a grad gift. These range in price and can be found on Etsy, Minted, and more. Stationary can be expensive, so gifting these helps out a broke college student. This also helps transition a grad into the professional world, by writing thank you notes, memos, etc. Also I'm obsessed with stationary so any kind would be much appreciated. 

This is geared towards high school grads, and I think it's perfect for us preppy girls looking for anyway to make their dorm room more colorful and cute. Monogramming a laundry hamper or bag is such a personalized gift that any prep will love. There are tons of these online, but I really like this one from Pbteen which is currently on sale. To make the gift even more personal, throw in some laundry detergent, coins for the laundry machine, dryer sheets, and a lingerie bag! Create a laundry gift basket within the hamper! So cute!

I love these types of gifts- personal and creative. This is a letter book that is gifted to the grad. I am not entirely sure the nature of this specific book, but I have one where I write letters to my future self. Either the gift giver writes letters to the graduate or a high school grad writes the letters and opens them up as a college grad. Either way, such a personal and sentimental gift that any grad would appreciate. 

I have this exact tote from Barrington Gifts, and I have to say it is the perfect backpack alternative for college students. These are totally customizable, so they can match the styles of any grad. I think bags and purses are great gifts for grads because they are another one of those items we all want to buy but just don't have the money for all the time. 

Homemade Gifts

1- Gas gift card- driving back and forth to college and home can get expensive, so lessen the ease by gifting a gas card! Throw in some on the road snacks or music too to make it a personal gift

2- Gift card tree- similar to the gas gift card, make a gift out of gift cards! Give the grad gift cards to their favorite places as well as cash. Easy to do and the gift makes a statement that you care!

3- Care package- compile a bunch of the grad's favorite things- movies, cds, snacks, makeup, etc. and place them all in a box to send with them to college! You can add other more necessary items such as cleaning supplies, first aid stuff, and towels for the dorm. I love receiving things like this because it shows the gift giver knows you and loves you!

4- Framed pictures- This is perfect for friends to give one another as they graduate! Place a fave pic in a cute frame and write a note on the back (or on the frame!) Make a collage for more photos! This can go in so many different directions and is so fun to receive.

Wow. Such a long post today but totally worth it. For those of you graduating soon- congratulations on your accomplishment! Savor the last moments of this chapter in your life and welcome with open arms your new chapter. Maybe even take some gift inspiration from me and gift a friend, family member, or fellow grad. 

Thank you all for reading!

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