senioritis: tips to get through the last quarter of senior year

To all my highschool seniors- 
Let's face it: if you don't have senioritis by the last half of spring semester as a high school senior, you're living some sort of miracle. I like to think that I have had senioritis since junior year, and maybe I do. I'm currently living the monotony of senior year at this point. No motivation, lack of creativity, exhaustion, boredom, etc. Obviously that list can go on and on.  A lot of people think senioritis is a bad thing, but truthfully, it's not. It's completely normal to lose motivation when you are reaching the end of a chapter in your life. But we can't let senioritis take away from the good of senior year. Here are my tips and words of wisdom for senioritis that I have taken to heart my last semester of senior year.

1. Acknowledge the fact that you have senioritis. 
No motivation, endless naps, divulging in junk food, procrastinating on homework- if you meet any of these symptoms, chances are you have senioritis. But don't push it away and scream "why must I have this disease". Instead, acknowledge that you have senioritis and that it is OK. There is nothing wrong with being ready to move on to a new chapter in your life, whether it be college or the workforce (or another option for that matter). Recognize that it's ok to have this and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

2. Do little things each day to make school more bearable

3. Countdown the days
It's completely ok to countdown the days to graduation. I have a countdown on the calendar because I am so ready to get out of my high school. Don't be overzealous, but be excited. Celebrate landmark dates leading up to graduation, such as "50 days till graduation" or "2 weeks till graduation"

4. Don't mistake laziness for senioritis. 
Being lazy is unacceptable in any situation- especially senior year. You can't just slack off on homework and tests at this point. You also can't just skip school because you don't want to go anymore. Trust me- I have thought about checking out or skipping school multiple times but you can't do that. You have to put effort into this last semester because this semester DOES count. Most colleges require you to submit your final high school transcript and if they see that you have a ton of unexcused absences and much lower grades than previous semesters, some questions may be raised and you could potentially lose your scholarships or even your acceptance. 

5. Look forward to college
If you know where you are going to college, take advantage of the activities colleges offer for accepted students such as accepted student days and preview days. Connect with future classmates through Facebook and other social media platforms and begin making friends. Research different clubs and organizations on campus and get to know your campus. Start planning how you will decorate your room, collect college themed shirts and novelties, and connect with students who attend the college. By connecting with your future home, your excitement will grow and you will have something new to look forward to. 

6. Step goals for yourself this last semester
Whether it be school related or personal, make little goals for yourself to distract from the boredom and lack of motivation. Motivate yourself to get in shape before college or switch up your diet. Decide to finish the year with straight As. Make a goal to save up $1000 before college. Small goals school related or not can help to boost your motivation. 

7. Savor senior year activities
While we all want to wish away our senior year, don't wish away or miss out on senior year activities. Go to prom, go to baccalaureate, go to elementary school reunions, and go to all the graduation activities you can. You will never get a do over for these events. Enjoy these fun times. 

8. Spend time with your friends and family
You won't be seeing your friends and family as constantly as you have been. Savor the time with them and make amends to any broken relationships. Love your friends and family and show them that love. Treat your family to dinner and ask friends to hang out more. 

9. Surround yourself with things you love
Similar to spending time with friends and family, surround yourself with things you love. This can be friends, family, pets, foods, places, or activities. I live near the mountains, so I know that I will be spending some personal time at the mountains before I go off to college. You want to create an environment for yourself that you can enjoy during the homestretch of senior year. 

10. Enjoy being young
Do fun things, eat junk food, listen to silly music, and be young. Don't go crazy, but enjoy your freedom. You won't have all these freedoms in college and after. Enjoy the little responsibility you have, even if you feel like your world revolves around responsibility. Find out what makes you who you are and what you want to do with your life, but at the same time enjoy your youth. You can never get it back. Get off your phones and go live. 

I hope I have enlightened your mind and improved your spirits a bit. I am no expert, but I am experiencing senioritis first hand. These tips have honestly helped me to look past the struggles of school and to the future. Live boldly and savor these last few weeks.

As always,


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