classic basics every preppy girl needs

Do you ever feel like you are missing certain staple pieces in your closet that will take your style to the next level? Trust me, every fashionista has felt that way at some point. That's why I have compiled a list of preppy basics to add to your wardrobe, which are all included in my go-to preppy outfit!

I think it is absolutely necessary for every preppy/classy girl to have a white button down in their wardrobe. This piece can be used for years and spans all seasons. By adding a collared shirt under a sweater, you polish your look much more. There is something so sophisticated about a crisp button down- which is why I think every prepster needs this staple piece. 

Black pants are so classic- look to celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly. Not only do these slim your figure, but they literally go with everything. I prefer the Pixie Pants from J.Crew, but a pair from Old Navy or elsewhere will do just as great!

Yes, we all love those super cute and colorful Kate Spade purses (I have one in bright hot pink!). However, you need a purse that can go with just about every outfit. I like this tote from Barrington Bags. It's great for carrying laptops, books, etc. It's also a great backpack alternative for college students wanting to look a bit dressier for class. I chose a gingham print for my bag (these are customizable) because I wanted to showcase my love for the print. I also think gingham looks great with many classic outfits. 

If you tell me you are a preppy dresser and you don't have pearl earrings, I don't think I could believe the former. Pearl earrings are essential for a preppy style. Pearls are the epitome of class and sophistication, and a preppy outfit is incomplete without them. Don't spend tons of money on actual pearl earrings if you don't want to! My pearl earrings are $3 from a local boutique. People usually can't tell the difference!

Every girl needs some arm candy to round out their outfit. I think that if you have several staple pieces that match, such as a bangle and a watch in one metal tone (such as gold), you can add a level of class to your outfit. 

6. Cap-toe flats
First of all, ballet flats are a must for a preppy wardrobe. Find a basic pair such as black or nude flats, and then add in cap-toe flats. These are very Blair Waldorf, but also very classic and Parisian. The cap-toe truly polishes the outfit by adding a flair of flirtiness and girliness. 

Do you have a go-to classy or preppy outfit? Let me know in the comments below! Also, please take the time to fill out my reader survey here. Thanks for reading!

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