senior pictures + tips

Hi friends! Today I received my senior pictures back and I am thrilled with the results! Senior pictures are all about showing your style, your beauty, and your confidence. They can also be a way to show your interests and your favorite places. I want to share with you some tips about what to wear for your pictures. 

1. Wear something that you feel good in. When picking out my outfits, I looked back at photos that I have taken in the recent year and thought about some of the outfits I felt most confident in. For me it was a black and white striped peplum top from Loft. I paired it with some black pixie pants which scream my style, and some super cute heeled flats from Gap that I will feature in an upcoming blog post. 

2. Wear something that is your style. When I was looking for photo inspiration for my pictures, I realized that a lot of the girls on pinterest wore very bohemian outfits. I describe my style as preppy and more classy, so I was confused as to what I should wear. Hands down, wearing something that is your style. If you wouldn't wear it regularly, why wear it for a photo shoot that you will have portraits of for the rest of your life? Now that does sound a bit dramatic, but wear something that jives with your style please.

3. Wear something that looks good on you and compliments you. For pictures, you want to look your best. So gravitate towards colors that suit you. For me, I look best in jewel tones, dark colors, and silver jewelry. I chose to wear a navy dress for one of my outfits because it goes fabulously with my hair, eyes, and complexion. Of course you can play around with your outfits, but be sure that your outfits compliment you, not distract from you. My dress is from J.Crew. It is one of their famous scalloped dresses that is usually released in different colors each year. There are multiple listings for this exact dress on Poshmark so check it out if you are interest! 

4. Wear something different. I got to wear three different outfits for my pictures. The first two were more of my classic style. The third was more experimental. It is a more on-trend top that fits my style but is definitely not for everyone. However, I rocked it and I loved how the pictures turned out. Save one outfit for something that is different. I did this by choosing a ruffle sleeved blouse that looked amazing in the pictures. I bought it on poshmark so sadly I do not know where you can purchase it. 

5. Be yourself. Choose a location based on you, not on what other people have done. Choose outfits that suit you, and wear your hair and makeup the way you like to wear it. These pictures are all about capturing you as a senior in highschool. Be yourself but make it timeless. 

6. Get some close ups. You won't always be this young. Get your photographer to get some dramatic "model" shots. My mom wanted some with my eyes looking straight at the camera. And who doesn't want to be dramatic in your senior photos right? Have some fun being a model.

Thank you all for reading! Hope this has helped with your senior pictures!

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